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Earth Day 2023 #investinourplanet

Updated: Mar 22

For the second year is using the ‘Invest in Our Planet’ theme to elicit support from governments, institutions, businesses, and more than 1 billion people who participate in Earth Day every year. The aim is for all of these people to recognise a collective responsibility, and to accelerate the transition to an equitable, prosperous green economy for all.

Here is our Earth Day round up, and some features to look out for on our social media @VivaSynch. Start with the video below, this year’s address from Earth President Kathleen Rogers.


Green Running

I, personally, took, part in a Strava Earth Day running challenge. I’ve been part of virtual running club ‘The Green Runners’ for a while now and we all contributed a minimum of two miles to raise awareness and celebrate our 1 year birthday!


Homestead Heroes

Finally, we shared on Instagram and Facebook, example shopping baskets with simple swaps on everyday products, to make your home and lifestyle more sustainable and ethical.

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