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Brand Story

How It Started

One foggy evening in the Derbyshire countryside, my boyfriend, the doggo and I were post-hike in a pub, (standard).  At that time he was training for his first ultra-marathon (my boyfriend...not the doggo). We were talking about how hard it is to find really good products and know what's in them, where they are made, how bad they are for the environment, etc. To find the good , but ethical stuff, you really have to do the hard yards. It's not always easy to get the information you need. Then of course, if you are buying from independent stores, you are ordering from more than one place. This means more deliveries, more delivery charges, and more emissions created in packaging, delivering and disposing of waste. 

But what if someone did that research for you? What if you could buy ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly products in one place? So VivaSynch was born. We launched on 30th April 2021, with a few tried and tested personal favourites. Our product offerings were initially based around our own lifestyles. Things for runners, yogis, outdoorsy people, and of course , dogs. We both have corporate careers and so I wanted to make sure that VivaSynch could save time for busy people. I wanted to make living more sustainably easier for those people.

How It's Going

The VivaSynch name comes from the idea of creating synchronicity between our lifestyles, the environment, our ethics, and our needs as consumers. Since launch our product range has increased exponentially, and we are always researching. As we develop and learn more about circular economy, ecology and sustainability, we are incorporating more checks into our processes. Already some product changes have been made where we can do better for the environment, and for you. 

We make sure that everything feels and looks great, is very high quality, and is manufactured in an ethical and sustainable way. Many  of our brands are independent, small batch, and hand made.

About Me

My name is Tara, I grew up on the edge of the Peak District, and have always has a passion for the outdoors. A hiker, runner and dancer from a young age, I then got into yoga when I left formal dance training and needed something to maintain strength and flexibility between classes.

Alongside my 20 year corporate career, I am also a qualified Group Exercise & Dance Instructor. So as well as having a keen eye for a wellness or fitness product, I act as unofficial coach and race crew chief to the real runner in the family! He said to let you know that Squirrel's Nut Butter literally changed his life, well, his runs anyway..

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly."

Zero Waste Chef, Anne Marie Banneau

The aim of VivaSynch is to enable busy people to make better buying decisions for the planet, easily and quickly. I want to enable us all to do a bit better. I'm not here to beat you over the head with it, I certainly don't do it perfectly. Do I sometime get my gel nails done, yes. Do I sometimes forget my keep cup and buy takeaway, yes. For transparency, I am not vegan, but I do understand the contribution vegan lifestyles and products make to sustainability. Like many people, I try to use vegan products and cut down the amount of meat etc. I consume. 

I hope you find VivaSynch useful and  you find something you love. If you have any ideas, recommendations or thoughts, please get in touch.

Tara x

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