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VivaSynch: What's in it for you?

We are taking the headache out of living more sustainably and ethically.

Image by Nathan Dumlao
To save you time, we have done the research for you and put this ethical, curated collection of products together. We frequently review our offerings and if we find a better product, with better eco-credentials we make the changes.
We get that you could buy direct from the supplier in many cases. But, we are a one-stop shop for sustainable home-essentials, health and well-being, fitness and outdoors products and more. This saves you time going from site-to-site, and reduces the number of deliveries. Less cost for you, less emissions.
All of our products are marked with 'need to know' information on suitability for use, ingredients, credentials, benefits, packaging, and recycling information. We check and refine this information constantly to keep you informed
We offer a loyalty scheme that gives back to you and the environment. Once you sign up, we give you a £10 evoucher for every £100 you spend, PLUS we make a donation of £5 to The Woodland Trust, the U.K.'s largest woodland conservation charity
Image by Jonny Gios
Carrying Packages
We only sell to customers within the U.K. and I, to ensure we are not adding needless air miles, we also only use the most sustainable delivery methods and eco-packaging. This means we do charge for delivery (eco is never cheap), but we keep it as low as we can - even though we actually lose money on most parcel delivery costs.
We are a small business too, and when I say 'we', I really mean 'I'. VivaSynch is still very much a one-woman show. Entirely founded, funded and run by me, from our home in Essex.

Everything we sell is cruelty free, ethically produced, and has fantastic sustainability credentials. Most of our products are also vegan certified. When researching our product lines, we look at manufacturing processes, ingredients, eco-credentials, packaging type, miles the product needs to travel to reach us, and you. Very few of our products are sourced from outside of the U.K. Those that are, it's for a very good reason, and from an independent business.

We work with small and independent businesses only, many of these carry B Corp Certification, but we don't hold it against small businesses who are not yet large enough to go through the certification process.

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