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Naturally cleans and freshens mat in one step

Works on all yoga mat materials

Made with 100% natural derived ingredients


Pet friendly

Subtle scent

Biodegradable ingredients

Recyclable HDPE packaging

Fragrances are made with 100% Aromatic Natural Raw Materials as defined by ISO 9235:2013



Whether you are looking for a quick spray to refresh of a deep clean, Manduka's Yoga Mat Wash & Refresh is for you! It uses 100% naturally derived ingredients, formulated to keep your yoga mat smelling fresh and free from surface dirt and stains. Dispensed through an innovative high output sprayer that delivers more cleaning power with much less effort. Use it after every practice to keep your mat refreshed and odour-free.


Available in a handy yoga bag size, 118ml and a larger 946ml size which would be idea for home use or for instructors to clean equipment.

Yoga Mat Spray

PriceFrom £11.50
  • Purified water, organic lavender essential oil (or lemongrass essential oil), bio-based fragrance solubilizer (PEG-free).

  • FOR DAILY REFRESH: Spray the entire top surface of the mat. Use a clean cloth to wipe the mat dry before rolling or using.

    FOR DEEP DAILY REFRESH: Spray generously until the mat is visibly wet. Let sit 1-2 minutes. Use a clean cloth to gently scrub any areas that have dirt or stains. Always dry your mat before rolling or using.

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