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With its focus on strength, endurance, and flexibility, combined with a deeper understanding and awareness of the body, yoga is an ideal complement to your time on the trail!


Through simple and accessible poses, Yoga for Hikers shows you how to strengthen your core, stabilize your joints, and improve your balance. Each sequence promotes better hiking, whether you need relief from repetitive pounding on hard trails, the occasional ankle twist from a misstep on a root, knee strain from descending, or neck and shoulder stiffness from carrying a pack. With time on the mat and attention to breath, hikers of all levels will feel more at ease on the trail.



  • Overview of body areas most affected by hiking
  • Common hiking injuries yoga can address and poses to help you hike more comfortably
  • Basics you need for a home practice and techniques for body, breath, and mind
  • Full-color photographs and instructions for nearly 70 poses
  • Three challenging sequences with downloadable cheat sheets
  • Tips from professional hikers who practice yoga


A certified yoga instructor, NICOLE TONG writes the popular "Fit for Life" column in the Seattle Times and teaches yoga at two of Seattle's most

influential yoga studios. Learn more about Nicole at

Yoga for Hikers: How to Stretch, Strengthen and Hike Farther

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