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Nature doesn't care about your gender, race, shape, size, bank account balance, or number of Instagram followers. Whether you want to hike or backpack, Diana Helmuth serves up the advice you need to get out there.


Part critique of modern hiking culture and part how-to, How to Suffer Outside helps novice hikers get started without spending a fortune. Even seasoned hikers will find plenty of tips.


With a blend of self-deprecating humor and good-natured heckling of both experienced backpackers and urbanites who romanticise being outdoorsy, Helmuth coaches you along one step at a time. Her motto: "If I can do it, and not only survive, but enjoy it so much I do it again and again, you probably can, too."


Featuring illustrations by artist Latasha Dunston, each chapter focuses on an essential topic: gear, food, hygiene, clothing, and more, along with useful tips, checklists, and resources.


Knowledgeable and practical, Helmuth shows walkers, hikers,

and campers of all stripes how to venture outdoors with confidence. Her incisive, real-world approach cuts through the mystique, so go ahead and adopt her "probably good enough way" to backpack and step outside-with a map, of course.


DIANA HELMUTH has hiked and backpacked throughout the western US, Europe, and Chile. When she's not hiking or writing, she builds things

in startup land and produces the occasional podcast. Helmuth lives in Oakland.


LATASHA DUNSTON is an illustrator and painter. Her clients include Otterbox, Craghoppers, SNEWS, and the Denver Art Museum. Dunston is based in Denver.




How to Suffer Outside: A Beginner's Guide to Hiking & Backpacking

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