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Explore Europe on Foot: Your Complete Guide to Planning a Cultural Hiking Adventure. 


Chanticleer I & I Grand Prize Book Award Winner


Move over traditional sightseeing, throngs of visitors, and tourist traps! Explore Europe on Foot gives travelers an alternative way to discover Europe.


A hiking vacation offers countless rewards: the time to admire the tidiness of a village farm, soak in the rugged alpine view from a rocky perch, and absorb a country through the smells of its landscape and encounters with locals.


Explore Europe on Foot is a complete guide to conceptualizing, planning, and executing the slow-travel hike (or hikes!) of a lifetime. Author Cassandra Overby tells you how you can spend all, or even just part, of your vacation, enjoying the scenery, small towns, and cultural experiences most travelers miss-all without carrying a big backpack.

Explore Europe on Foot

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