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100% organic & vegan

Made in England

Spray on dry fur and never spray near the face or sensitive areas

Can also be sprayed in their sleeping quarters to leave their bedding smelling fresh and clean

100ml (3.5 fl oz)



Both of these Dog Spritz are handcrafted with organic essential oils

Organic Daily Dog Spritz with neroli and basil essential oils to keep your doggo smeelling radiant all day

Organic Sleepy Dog Spritz with British lavender essential oil renowned for reducing tension, anxiety and stress



We discovered Sweet William Designs when some of their products were gifted to us one Christmas. We loved their ethos, and their vegan, cruelty free and organic credentials. They also love their four-legged friends as much as we do! Both of these sprays smell wonderful, are completely organic and have been handcrafted, with love, with the health and wellbing of your beloved dog in mind.

Organic Dog Spritz

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