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  • Eco-friendly, organic, bio-degradable dog wipes
  • Free from sulfates, parabens and alcohol that can be harmful to your dog and the environment
  • Made with lavender and rosemary for a great smell and natural anti-bacterial properties
  • Soothing and hydrating, suitable for delicate skin
  • No synthetics or lanolin
  • 100 wipes, 7" x 8"



We alway make our product decision with the planet front of mind and so we knew that only a natural and biodegradable wipe would do. These gentle and fantastic-smelling wipes are perfect for quick clean-ups. They don't rip easily and enable you to freshen up your pup whenever needed. Use them on face, ears, body and muddy paws. To be honest, I cleaned my face with them to make sure they were gentle enough and I highly recommend them!

Grooming and Cleansing Wipe

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