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All the things your pooch needs to feel pampered. You can choose from "Chill-Out" or "Spruce-Up" to protect, clean and moisturise paws, freshen coat and relax your furry friend.



Chill Out

  • Calm Balm - developed to calm the creator's dog, Brenda, on car journies. With dog-safe lavender, bergamot and vetiver oil, plus unrefined shea butter and mango butter. Massage into paws to relax your dog in stressful situations and moisturise tired paws
  • Organic "Sleepy Dog" Spritz - spray on dry fur, scented with organic British lavender essential oil renowned for reducing tension, anxiety and stress. Can also be sprayed on bedding to enhance relaxing effects
  • Paw Cleanser Soap - with organic hemp seed oil to moisturise and organic neem, lavender and rosemary for their natural antifungal, antibacterial and antispetic properties. Use after walks



  • Organic Paw and Nose Balm - handcrafted with organic unrefined shea butter and essential oils to nourish cracked paws and dry noses.The moisturising formula provides a protective barrier in winter and protects paws from snow, ice and salt
  • Organic Daily Dog Spritz - spray on dry fur, handcrafted with organic neroli and basil essential oils to keep your doggo smelling radiant all day! It's also ideal to spray in their sleeping quarters to leave their bedding smelling fresh and clean
  • Paw Cleanser Soap - as above



  • Organic natural ingredients 
  • Fully recyclable or compostable packaging
  • Vegan
  • Suitable for dogs 8 weeks and older
  • Sizes: 
    • Calm Balm: 50g
    • Dog Spritz: 
    • Organic Nose and Paw Balm: 60ml
    • Paw Cleanser Soap: 85g 
  • Sustainably sourced, small batch production



Dog Adored

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